Kyrie Eleison

Referring to the post dd. 19/01/2014, here is the other piece based on the plainsong Kyrie (Orbis Factor) from the 10th century. The melody is the same, the accompaniment is different. I wrote it to the memory of Jos Beijer, who studied organ with me at the Utrecht Conservatorium from 1988 - 1995.


Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine (Noordwolde)

In the summer of 2011, both my mother and Jos Beijer, who studied organ with me at Utrecht Conservatoire from 1998 till 1995, were slowly passing away. I dedicated a piece to each of them, based on Kyrie (Orbis factor), a well-known Gregorian chant from the 10th century. Here is the piece dedicated to my mother, played on the ancient Freytag organ in Noordwolde: