J. S. Bach - Von Gott will ich nicht lassen BWV 658 (played too slowly)

While recording the piece, I felt that the tempo was just what I wanted. However, listening to it through the computer's loudspeakers makes me think it's a little bit too slow, although the desolate character of the piece communicates itself. I'll listen again through hi-fi loudspeakers in the living-room. I remember watching Richter's performance of the first movement of Schubert's B flat sonata with students via Youtube and that we thought it was too slow, while I did not have that objection with CD quality and good loudspeakers at home. Let alone how the effect during the live performance may have been.

P.S. 21 August 2014: in spite of the nice arguments this performance is just too slow. 


Indian rhythms in organ improvisation

With the help of the app iTablaPro, a great tool to study Indian rhythms, and the digitalized sound of the organ in Arlesheim, I improvise on Ardha Shiktar Taal en Ardha Jhaptaal in the following video:


J.S. Bach - Sonata BWV 528 in e minor, third movement - applying the embodied knowledge of playing my own music

An effort to apply the embodied knowledge of playing my own music to Bach interpretation.

Click here for other Bach recordings and more information on this subject.


Archetypes (trio version) - Willem Tanke, Dave Bowmer and David Holmes

On 3 December 2013, I posted a solo organ version of Archetypes on Willem Tanke's Blog on New Music. It's a great joy now to hear and see how Dave Bowmer and David Holmes, two admirable musicians from England, gave this piece an extra dimension. At the same time, it shows the possibilities of putting the sound of a historical organ (Tholen, 1842) in an entirely new context, with Chapman Stick, guitar & NST guitar and percussion.