Archetypes/Improvisation on an Indian rhythm - van Vulpen organ Brouwershaven

The program of an organ recital I gave at the beautiful van Vulpen organ in Brouwershaven this summer consisted of works by Bach, Haydn, Brahms and myself. I just received the link to two of my pieces on YouTube. The stop assistant (not completely visible) is Marien Stouten, the organist of the church who also organizes the recitals.

Archetypes - version Brouwershaven 2014

Improvisation on an Indian rhythm - version Brouwershaven 2014


Something else: Turnstone

With drummer Friso van Wijck and saxophonist Ruben Verbruggen I founded a trio called Turnstone, after the bird that puts his neck under stones at the beach in search for food. Like the bird, we turn some heavy stones of tradition. In Turnstone, I play the piano, using my expertise as an organist. On Augustus, 29  and October, 2 we made recordings at Brussels (Studio Zinnema), to be issued on CD in 2015. A short demo video is: