Variations on "To God Be the Glory"

In 1998, I composed Variations on To God Be the Glory during a holiday on Lanzarote (one of the Canary Islands), in the days that I accompanied the African Choir of the Scots International Church Rotterdam. With unbeatable optimism, the Africans gave their own, unique interpretation of the hymn, composed by William Howard Doane in 1875. I intended my variations to have a kind of 18th century lightness that corresponds with the exciting, cheerful performances of the Africans, not in the least because of their original, wooden drums. After finishing the composition, I didn't pay attention to it anymore, as I thought it was too simple or even superficial. Due to nice memories, however, I took it with me to Gran Canaria last year and enjoyed a lot practicing the piece on my midi-keyboard. 

Optionally, the original melody may be sung before playing the variations, for instance by 
a boy soprano.