The technique of playing with independent hands in The Loop Man # 17+12 and Bach

“The Loop Man” is a nickname which Mike Garson gave me because of my ability to repeat rhythmic-melodic patterns with one hand and improvise on it with the other. A highly developed independence of hands is needed for this. The series The Loop Man # (indication of rhythmic cycle) consists of etudes to train this independence. The Loop Man # 17+12 on this video is dedicated to Mike Garson in admiration and friendship. It is a reflection on modal music from East-Asia. I made this video to draw the attention of the countless young pianists and other keyboard players in East-Asia and other parts of the world to the possibility of studying the technique of independent hands (and possibly feet) with me at Codarts, University of the Arts, Rotterdam, with the help of pieces by Bach, another specialism of mine (besides Messiaen and Reger). Apart from Western classical music, you can also study Indian classical music, Turkish music, jazz, pop,flamenco, tango and latin at Codarts.